Acne News! There Are Cheaper Acne Treatment Products That Really Work!

Acne News! There Are Cheaper Acne Treatment Products That Really Work!
Acne News! There Are Cheaper Acne Treatment Products That Really Work!
Acne News! There Are Cheaper Acne Treatment Products That Really Work!

Acne News! There Are Cheaper Acne Treatment Products That Really Work!

You and I know that most products for treating acne being sold today are sold for one reason: only to make money off good folks desperate for a honest cure for this terrible affliction. But, what you may not know is the ingredients these expensive products use are available in much cheaper over-the-counter products at big discount stores. And, these products just might be your answer.

It does not make sense to any acne treatment products in this article. Using product names is like putting a tuxedo on a gorilla. He looks great but underneath he is still a gorilla. So, we will look beneath the fancy names and packaging to reveal the 3 most effective product applications and the key ingredients we want.

You need to know that No single product can cure your acne in spite of manufacturer claims. That said, there are effective ingredients that will work very well for you. We will look at them together but you will have to decide what to try on your particular level of acne blemishes based on severity and skin sensitivity.

If you suffer from mild-to-severe acne, you already have a medicine cabinet full of expensive acne products that did not work. You spent a lot of money and your frustration and embarrassment remain. Well, I promise I have some good news that will not drain your bank account.

Warning: If you have severe acne, painful pimples or zits, you should consult a doctor or dermatologist right away. What I share in this article and what I share on my blog just may not help you at this point.

The most effective acne control products contain key ingredients that serve specific purposes in the control and reduction of acne. We will get to those ingredients in a moment. First, we need to look at the types of delivery systems, that is, the types of products that you should be using.

Here they are:

… Face Cleanser … Exfoliator (also known as toners) … Skin Renewing Lotion

When used as part of a daily skin treatment routine , you will soon be seeing a dramatic improvement in your skin. They are not a cure, no cure is known, but these products certainly will reduce acne outbreaks and reduce the number of pimples, blackheads, and skin blemishes.

That is the good news, as I promised!

Now, here is how each of these can benefit you and what those very special ingredients are that you should be looking for on the labels…

Facial Cleanser or Face Wash:

You will buy a facial wash or cleanser that contains ingredients designed to fight acne bacteria. These will kill bacteria at the skin surface and deep in skin pores. They may also contain granular compounds to help clean away dead skin cells and other grime that accumulates on your skin and in your pores.

The key ingredients that make these washes and cleansers so effective are either benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid. You will look for one or the other ingredient. Here is why…

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